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Restore and Renovate Parvin


Saturday, August 24


Pittsgrove Twp.,


The Parvin State Park Appreciation Committee, Inc., an officially recognized friends organization of the Division of Parks and Forestry since 1983, is planning a petition drive and signing to request the Governor and Legislature of the State of New Jersey to allocate $20 million to upgrade and preserve Parvin State Park, starting in 2014. With the continued lack of proper funding, staffing issues and two years of severely damaging storms, trails need to be cut back and filled, cabins need to be preserved to their historic splendor, and even some of those cabins may need to be replaced. Camping amenities need to be expanded, possibly to offer sites for more RV’s. Updated restroom facilities, upgrades to Parvin’s infrastructure, and widening of its roads are needed. Both lakes are in need of dredging and cleaning, as they are no longer fit for use by visitors and fishermen. The Committee will hold a petition rally from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24 to get the word out. The goal is 15,000 or more signatures.